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Year Authors Title Year Author Title
  Ralf Martin [[][]] 2002   Building the capital stock
  Chiara Criscuolo , Jonathan Haskel and Ralf Martin [[][]] 2003   Building the evidence base for productivity policy using business data linking
  Matthew Barnes, Ralf Martin [[][]] 2002   Business Data Linking: An Introduction
  David Barnett [[][]] 2009   UK Intangible Investment: Evidence from the Innovation Index Survey
  Mauro Giorgio Marrano, Jonathan Haskel, Gavin Wallis [[][]] 2009   What happened to the knowledge economy? ICT, intangible investment, and Britain's productivity record revisited.
  Jonathan Haskel , Annarosa Pesole [[][]] 2011.2   Productivity and Innovation in UK Financial Services: An Intangible Assets Approach
  Jonathan Haskel [[][]] 2010   How much does publicly funded research contribute to UK economic growth?
  Jonathan Haskel [[][]] 2010   How much do UK Universities contribute to UK Economic Growth?
  Fernando Galindo-Rueda, Jonathan Haskel, Annarosa Pesole [[][]] 2008   How much does the UK employ, spend and invest in design?
  Valentina Gil, Jonathan Haskel [[][]] 2008   Industry-level Expenditure on Intangible Assets in the UK
  Jonathan Haskel [[][]] 2008   Innovation, the knowledge economy and intangibles (non-technical note)
  Tony Clayton, Mariela Dal Borgo, Jonathan Haskel [[][]] 2008   An Innovation Index Based on Knowledge Capital Investment: Definition and Results for the UK Market Sector
  Jonathan Haskel [[][]] 2009   Interviews with firms on innovation investment, Interim report for NESTA
  Mara Cereda; Gustavo Crespi ; Chiara Criscuolo ; and Jonathan Haskel [[][]] 2005   Design and Company Performance: Evidence from the
  Chiara Criscuolo , Jonathan Haskel , Matthew Slaughter [[][]] 2006   Global Engagement and the Innovation Activities of Firms
  Ralf Martin [[][]] 2004   Computing double fixed effects groups
  Peter Goodridge , Jonathan Haskel [[][]] 2011.2   Film, Television & Radio, Books, Music and Art: UK Investment in Artistic Originals
  Chiara Criscuolo , Jonathan Haskel and Ralf Martin [[][]] 2004   Import Competition, Productivity and Restructuring in UK Manufacturing
  Jonathan Haskel , Peter Goodridge , Annarosa Pesole, Gagan Awano, Mark Franklin and Zafeira Kastrinaki [[][]] 2011   Driving Economic Growth: Innovation, knowledge spending and productivity growth in the UK
  Jonathan Haskel , Tony Clayton, Peter Goodridge , Annarosa Pesole, David Barnett, Graeme Chamberlin, Richard Jones, Khalid Khan and Alex Turvey [[][]] 2009   Innovation, knowledge spending and productivity growth in the UK, NESTA
  Mauro Giorgio Marrano, Jonathan Haskel , Gavin Wallis [[][]] 2007   What Happened to the Knowledge Economy? ICT, Intangible Investment and Britain?s Productivity Record Revisited
  Mauro Giorgio Marrano, Jonathan Haskel [[][]] 2006   How Much Does the UK Invest in Intangible Assets?
  Matthew Barnes, Jonathan Haskel [[][]] 2002   Job Creation, Job Destruction and the Contribution of Small Businesses: Evidence for UK Manufacturing
  Gustavo Crespi , Chiara Criscuolo ;Jonathan Haskel and Matthew J. Slaughter [[][]] 2007   Productivity growth, knowledge flows and spillovers
  Chiara Criscuolo and Ralf Martin [[][]] 2007   Multinationals and US Productivity Leadership: Evidence from Great Britain
  Ralf Martin [[][]] 2004   Globalisation, ICT and the Nitty Gritty of Plant Level Datasets
  Rachel Griffith, Jonathan Haskel , Andy Neely [[][]] 2006   Why is Productivity So Dispersed?
  Jonathan Haskel [[][]] 2007   Measuring innovation and productivity in a knowledge-based service economy
  Eric Bartelsman, Jonathan Haskel , Ralf Martin [[][]] 2008   Distance to Which Frontier? Evidence on Productivity Convergence from International Firm-level Data
  Rachel Griffith, Rupert Harrison, Jonathan Haskel and Mari Sako [[][]] 2003   The UK Productivity Gap and the Importance of the Service Sectors
  Gustavo Crespi, Chiara Criscuolo, Jonathan Haskel , Denise Hawkes [[][]] 2006   Measuring and Understanding Productivity in UK Market Services
  Gustavo Crespi, Chiara Criscuolo , Jonathan Haskel [[][]] 2006   Information Technology, Organisational Change and Productivity
  Jonathan Haskel [[][]] 2005   Unions and Productivity Again: New Evidence from Matched WERS and Business Census Data
  Gustavo Crespi, Chiara Criscuolo , Jonathan Haskel [[][]] 2006   Productivity, Exporting and the Learning-by-Exporting Hypothesis: Direct Evidence from UK Firms
  Jonathan Haskel and Gavin Wallis [[][]] 2010   Public Support for Innovation, Intangible Investment and Productivity Growth in the UK Market Sector
  Jonathan Haskel , Ron Jarmin, Kazu Motohayshi, Raffaella Sadun [[][]] 2006   Retail Market Structure and Dynamics: A Three Country Comparison of Japan, the U.K. and the U.S
  Jonathan Haskel , Raffaella Sadun [[][]] 2011   Regulation and UK Retailing Productivity: Evidence from Microdata
  Jonathan Haskel , Denise Hawkes , Sonia Pereira [[][]] 2005   Skills, human capital and the plant productivity gap: UK evidence from matched plant, worker and workforce data
  Fernando Galindo-Rueda, Jonathan Haskel [[][]] 2005   Skills, Workforce Characteristics and Firm-Level Productivity: Evidence from the Matched ABI/Employer Skills Survey
  Jonathan Haskel , Mathew Slaughter , Sonia Pereira [[][]] 2005   Does Inward Foreign Direct Investment Boost the Productivity of Domestic Firms?
  Ralf Martin [[][]] 2005   TFP without Capital Stocks
  Ralf Martin [[][]] 2005   Computing the True Spread
  Jonathan Haskel and Ralf Martin [[][]] 2002   The UK Manufacturing Productivity Spread

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