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Authors Year Title
Ralf Martin 2002 Building the capital stock
Chiara Criscuolo, Jonathan Haskel and Ralf Martin 2003 Building the evidence base for productivity policy using business data linking
Matthew Barnes, Ralf Martin 2002 Business Data Linking: An Introduction
David Barnett 2009 UK Intangible Investment: Evidence from the Innovation Index Survey
Mauro Giorgio Marrano, Jonathan Haskel, Gavin Wallis 2009 What happened to the knowledge economy? ICT, intangible investment, and Britain's productivity record revisited.
Jonathan Haskel, Annarosa Pesole 2011.2 Productivity and Innovation in UK Financial Services: An Intangible Assets Approach
Jonathan Haskel 2010 How much does publicly funded research contribute to UK economic growth?
Jonathan Haskel 2010 How much do UK Universities contribute to UK Economic Growth?
Fernando Galindo-Rueda, Jonathan Haskel, Annarosa Pesole 2008 How much does the UK employ, spend and invest in design?
Valentina Gil, Jonathan Haskel 2008 Industry-level Expenditure on Intangible Assets in the UK
Jonathan Haskel 2008 Innovation, the knowledge economy and intangibles (non-technical note)
Tony Clayton, Mariela Dal Borgo, Jonathan Haskel 2008 An Innovation Index Based on Knowledge Capital Investment: Definition and Results for the UK Market Sector
Jonathan Haskel 2009 Interviews with firms on innovation investment, Interim report for NESTA
Mara Cereda; Gustavo Crespi; Chiara Criscuolo; and Jonathan Haskel 2005 Design and Company Performance: Evidence from the
Chiara Criscuolo, Jonathan Haskel, Matthew Slaughter 2006 Global Engagement and the Innovation Activities of Firms
Ralf Martin 2004 Computing double fixed effects groups
Peter Goodridge, Jonathan Haskel 2011.2 Film, Television & Radio, Books, Music and Art: UK Investment in Artistic Originals
Chiara Criscuolo, Jonathan Haskel and Ralf Martin 2004 Import Competition, Productivity and Restructuring in UK Manufacturing
Jonathan Haskel, Peter Goodridge, Annarosa Pesole, Gagan Awano, Mark Franklin and Zafeira Kastrinaki 2011 Driving Economic Growth: Innovation, knowledge spending and productivity growth in the UK
Jonathan Haskel, Tony Clayton, Peter Goodridge, Annarosa Pesole, David Barnett, Graeme Chamberlin, Richard Jones, Khalid Khan and Alex Turvey 2009 Innovation, knowledge spending and productivity growth in the UK, NESTA
Mauro Giorgio Marrano, Jonathan Haskel, Gavin Wallis 2007 What Happened to the Knowledge Economy? ICT, Intangible Investment and Britain’s Productivity Record Revisited
Mauro Giorgio Marrano, Jonathan Haskel 2006 How Much Does the UK Invest in Intangible Assets?
Matthew Barnes, Jonathan Haskel 2002 Job Creation, Job Destruction and the Contribution of Small Businesses: Evidence for UK Manufacturing
Gustavo Crespi, Chiara Criscuolo;Jonathan Haskel and Matthew J. Slaughter 2007 Productivity growth, knowledge flows and spillovers
Chiara Criscuolo and Ralf Martin 2007 Multinationals and US Productivity Leadership: Evidence from Great Britain
Ralf Martin 2004 Globalisation, ICT and the Nitty Gritty of Plant Level Datasets
Rachel Griffith, Jonathan Haskel, Andy Neely 2006 Why is Productivity So Dispersed?
Jonathan Haskel 2007 Measuring innovation and productivity in a knowledge-based service economy
Eric Bartelsman, Jonathan Haskel, Ralf Martin 2008 Distance to Which Frontier? Evidence on Productivity Convergence from International Firm-level Data
Rachel Griffith, Rupert Harrison, Jonathan Haskel and Mari Sako 2003 The UK Productivity Gap and the Importance of the Service Sectors
Gustavo Crespi, Chiara Criscuolo, Jonathan Haskel, Denise Hawkes 2006 Measuring and Understanding Productivity in UK Market Services
Gustavo Crespi, Chiara Criscuolo, Jonathan Haskel 2006 Information Technology, Organisational Change and Productivity
Jonathan Haskel 2005 Unions and Productivity Again: New Evidence from Matched WERS and Business Census Data
Gustavo Crespi, Chiara Criscuolo, Jonathan Haskel 2006 Productivity, Exporting and the Learning-by-Exporting Hypothesis: Direct Evidence from UK Firms
Jonathan Haskel and Gavin Wallis 2010 Public Support for Innovation, Intangible Investment and Productivity Growth in the UK Market Sector
Jonathan Haskel, Ron Jarmin, Kazu Motohayshi, Raffaella Sadun 2006 Retail Market Structure and Dynamics: A Three Country Comparison of Japan, the U.K. and the U.S
Jonathan Haskel, Raffaella Sadun 2011 Regulation and UK Retailing Productivity: Evidence from Microdata
Jonathan Haskel, Denise Hawkes, Sonia Pereira 2005 Skills, human capital and the plant productivity gap: UK evidence from matched plant, worker and workforce data
Fernando Galindo-Rueda, Jonathan Haskel 2005 Skills, Workforce Characteristics and Firm-Level Productivity: Evidence from the Matched ABI/Employer Skills Survey
Jonathan Haskel, Mathew Slaughter, Sonia Pereira 2005 Does Inward Foreign Direct Investment Boost the Productivity of Domestic Firms?
Ralf Martin 2005 TFP without Capital Stocks
Ralf Martin 2005 Computing the True Spread
Jonathan Haskel and Ralf Martin 2002 The UK Manufacturing Productivity Spread

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