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Title How much does the UK employ, spend and invest in design?
Author Fernando Galindo-Rueda, Jonathan Haskel, Annarosa Pesole
Year 2008
Abstract We estimate how much the UK economy employs, spends and invests in architectural and
engineering design, both purchased and own account. We provide data for the whole economy and
six main industries, 1997-2006. The own-account method follows that used for software in the
capitalization of software in the National Accounts. We also provide evidence on the fraction of
spending that might be treated as investment in design. Our main results are (a) in 2004 private
sector spending on purchased design services was around 20bn, (b) spending on own-account
design services about 27bn; (c) investment in design is around half this total and (d) manufacturing
accounts for about 50% of total design spending.
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