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Title Industry-level Expenditure on Intangible Assets in the UK
Author Valentina Gil, Jonathan Haskel
Year 2008
Abstract We present data on expenditure on intangible assets for the UK market sector for six
industries over the last decade or so (data availability allowing). The sectors are (1)
Agriculture, Fishing and Mining; (2) Manufacturing; (3) Electricity, Gas and Water; (4)
Construction; (5) Wholesale and Retail, Hotels and Restaurants, Transport and
Communications; (6) Financial Intermediation and Business Services. We use new methods
relative to previous work particularly in advertising and design. Our main findings are as
follows. First, overall intangible expenditure was, in 2004, around 152bn (investment was
92bn). Second, to give an illustration of the manufacturing results, in 2004 manufacturing
intangible investment was 30bn and tangible 12bn and intangible, a ratio of 2.5 to 1 up
from 1.2 to 1 in 1977. So whilst the ratio of manufacturing tangible investment to value
added has been falling, the ratio of manufacturing intangible investment to value added has
been rising, leaving the overall ratio about the same. Third, manufacturing accounted in
2004 for 12% of total tangible investment and 31% of total intangible investment.
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