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Title Interviews with firms on innovation investment, Interim report for NESTA
Author Jonathan Haskel
Year 2009
Abstract Research Project: Interviews with firms on innovation investment

Over the Summer of 2008, kindly funded by NESTA, the UK National Endowment for Science and the Arts, the ONS has lead the piloting of an “extended” R&D survey. The main extensions to the conventional R&D survey is that we aim here to ask firms about
R&D service life lengths,
“non-technical” R&D spending and service life lengths, covering areas such as software, design, training, organisational change.
This paper is an non-disclosive version of our fuller report to NESTA. In this version we present average results only for all 10 firms in our pilot. This is to avoid disclosure problems. We hope to undertake another 30 pilot interviews and report industry-level data. So the purpose of this note is to solicit comments and views from anyone interested on how we might improve the survey. Comments are gratefully received by Tony Clayton, Peter Stam (ONS, tony.clayton@ons.gov.uk, peter.stam@ons.gov.uk), Jonathan Haskel (j.haskel@ic.ac.uk).
Remarks For pdf copy of full report, email Catherine Edlin, c.edlin@qmul.ac.uk
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