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Title Design and Company Performance: Evidence from the
Author Mara Cereda; Gustavo Crespi; Chiara Criscuolo; and Jonathan Haskel
Year 2005
Abstract We analyse the relation between design inputs and other innovation and economic performance
indicators provided by third wave of the UK Community Innovation Survey (CIS). We estimate
a knowledge production function, an output production function and a design expenditure
function. We conclude (a) around 9% of firms reported some spending on design (b) design
spending represented about 10% of all reported spending on innovative activities (c) design has
a positive and statistically significant association with product innovation, not process
innovation (d) design expenditure has a marginal return of about 17%, likely an overestimate of
the causal effect (e) receiveing government support raises design expenditure by about 3% of
mean expenditure (for those firms undertaking expenditure), again likely an overestimate of the
causal effect.
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