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Title Driving Economic Growth: Innovation, knowledge spending and productivity growth in the UK
Author Jonathan Haskel, Peter Goodridge, Annarosa Pesole, Gagan Awano, Mark Franklin and Zafeira Kastrinaki
Year 2011
Abstract The report:
1. It sets out the approach and results on innovation accounting, advancing the estimate of how much firms are spending on knowledge.
2. It sets out the approach and presents results using a growth accounting-based Innovation Index, further highlighting how much all forms of knowledge contribute to growth.
3. It provides new estimates of growth in the UK economy over the period 1990-2008, restated by adding in to the official national accounts investments in knowledge assets normally counted as intermediate input purchases by firms. Treating these inputs
as investment has the effect of raising GDP levels and changing growth rates over the period. We do this for (a) the whole market sector and (b) for seven disaggregated
DownloadInfo Report_66_-_Driving_Ecc_Growth_v10.pdf: Report_66_-_Driving_Ecc_Growth_v10.pdf

For background, here is the Investment_in_Intangible_Assets_Survey_2009_questionaire.pdf: Firm-level questionaire on investment in intangible assets

And here is the Annual Innovation Report that uses all these numbers http://www.nesta.org.uk/publications/reports/assets/documents/annual_innovation_report_v2

And the earlier report with more of a discussion of alternative approaches and the thinking behind this approach http://www.nesta.org.uk/library/documents/growth-accounting.pdf

And a shorter, more academic version, click on the link on the top of this page: http://www.ceriba.org.uk/pub/CERIBA/InnovationIndex2010/Prod_Growth_ind_intang_DalBorgo_et_al_Sep11.pdf
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