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Title Video: Measuring intangibles
Author JonathanHaskel
Year 2011.3
Why should we measure intangible investment? What are the contributions of intangible investments to innovation, competitiveness, growth and productivity in Europe? In this video Jonathan Haskel (Business School, Imperial College London) answers these and other questions. "In European economies where governments spend a lot on R&D, the private sector also invests a lot in intangible assets, not only R&D, but also in knowledge, for example software", states Haskel among other issues.
Type Presentation
Location Valencia, Spain, INDICSER conference
DownloadInfo http://www.ivie.es/media/videos/test.php
Remarks Video following presentation at INDICSER conference http://www.ivie.es/news/2011/ws_fbbva_11_1.php?idioma=EN
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